A Blog...?

I love to write; it's probably my favorite way to communicate. But, of course, being published has long been quite a hurdle for aspiring writers. How can a young, recently graduated pastor ever hope to overcome such a hurdle? THE INTERNET! Now that you and I can publish our writing online whether or not it's worthy of being published, I think I've become a qualified blogger.

What gave (and still gives) me pause is the fear of being just more noise in an over-saturated world wide web of opinions. What makes me think my thoughts are worth reading? Why would anyone care to read my blog considering the alternatives? Wow. Good questions rhetorical inquirer... Can you take it easy? Dial it down a touch? I'm new at this...

It's simply come to the point that I feel compelled to add my voice to the "conversation". I'm writing this blog because I believe God is leading me to do so. I hope and pray that God uses my words to encourage and challenge you. I hope and pray that my words help you to think deeply and biblically about the way you think (yes, I want you to think about the way you think). I hope and pray that my words point you to Jesus Christ, the one who alone gives truly abundant life.

Grace be with you.

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