What Must I Do to Live Abundantly?

We protestants have a complicated relationship with "doing". We're the by-grace-alone-through-faith-alone-in-Christ-alone people. And lest you be confused that faith could possibly have anything to do with doing, we're sure to routinely renounce legalism and works righteousness. Christianity is not about what I do for God, it's about what God's done for me. You've probably seen the memes.

We tiptoe very carefully around any suggestion that there might be something we have to do to receive God's grace. We lay the caveats on thick whenever we talk about our growth: "not that it had anything to do with me," we say, "it was all God."

Don't get me wrong, I think a lot of that's right; legalism and works righteousness are bad. But again and again these nagging questions keep coming back to my mind:

Does all that mean Christians aren't supposed to "do" anything? Are we really, truly, completely, 100% passive? Do we not have anything at all to do with our growth? Is there no role for us to play in the abundant life Christ died for us to have?